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What is your booking policy?

We require a 50% down payment (of the total party cost) to reserve your tables, and most importantly the dealers.  The remainder is due 2 weeks prior to event start date.  Full payment is always appreciated because the day of your event can be hectic and the last thing you want to worry about is payment.  But we are flexible to whatever works best for you.

Do the party guests need to be 21?
Since we provide our services "just for fun", party guests can be of any age.   The only exception to this is Charity Casino Nights because these are real money events and all patrons must be 21 or older.

Are casino theme parties legal?
The most common question people ask when they hear about casino parties is, "Is this legal?" The answer is YES. What makes it legal is that in spite of the appearance of a casino, there is no actual gambling going on. It's all make-believe, pretend, fantasy gambling. You can bet as much as you want, lose as much as you want and win as much as you want, and you walk away with the same amount of money you started with. That's because only play money is used, usually in the form of chips, that have no real monetary value.  Even though most people will play the games just for the fun of playing (or the education and experience they can gain), sometimes it makes the whole event more exciting if there is something to shoot for such as a reward for being "number one." That's why most casino theme parties provide one or more non-cash prizes for the guests that earn the highest winnings (or chips) by the end of the event. Prizes can be as elaborate as a new car, a trip to Las Vegas, or a wide-screen television set. Or they can be as simple as a free lunch at a local restaurant or a plaque or other type of award. Guests can be any age to play. If you would like us to provide additional information concerning this topic, please feel free to contact us.

How does a casino party work?
The term "Casino Theme Party" is used to describe an event, where people come together to play games commonly found in casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Atlantic City, but do not actually wager money or other things of value. A casino themed party may be held as a fund-raiser activity for a non-profit charity organization, Texas Hold'em Tournament or it may be a private celebration held by an individual, group or employer. The major difference between the two is that those who attend a fund-raising casino party are usually asked to make a donation for admission to the event, whereas those who attend a private casino party are usually simply invited to come and have fun. At either event, guests arrive to find a variety of casino games available for their amusement (Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker or Texas Hold-em, Slot Machines and more). Guests are usually given a fixed amount of "Funny Money". This play money can be personalize with your company logo, picture of the CEO, Birthday person's picture, etc. Guests then take their play money to their favorite game table in exchange for chips and try to win as much as they can during the course of the evening. At the end of the evening, the guests turn in their chips for raffle tickets. Prizes can be raffled off or an auction can be held and guests can bid on prizes with their raffle tickets.

How long can my guests play for?
We include 3 hours of playing time. This is usually more than adequate, especially if your event has other activities.  If your looking for more time, or extended hours, High Stakes will work with you for any additional time you may require.  We also work with you to determine the best schedule for the casino portion of your event. Setup and breakdown are not part of your 3 hours and you will not be charged for that.  Please note that we can setup prior to your guest arriving at no extra cost and our dealers show up any where from 15-30 minutes prior to the casino event starting.  

Do we need to tip the dealers?
Tipping our dealers is not expected. If you feel someone goes above and beyond, you may feel free to tip them at your discretion.  Our dealers do not accept table chips as payments or tips, so cash is preferred if you feel your dealer is going above and beyond from what High Stakes Casino Rental standards already are.  Some events we do not allow dealers or volunteers to accept tips at all as in the case of charity events. 

When do you set up, breakdown and remove the equipment?
We will work with you and the venue to determine the best time to setup. Usually we deliver and setup well before the start of your event so it's all ready when your guests arrive. We remove our equipment upon termination of the casino event.

What is the difference between the High End Table line & the Mid-Grade table lines? 

Our High End line feature full size tables like you would find in a real casino with cup holders, nice padded felt, arm rests & much more.  Our high end line is to spec with the tables you would find on the casino floor.  These tables are great if looking to impress for a gala, black-tie affair, charity, or even a high end party!

Our mid-grade line tables are nice as well, but "do not" have the additional features like the cup holders, padded rails, etc.  They are smaller in size to be able to fit through doorways and around corners for private house events & smaller venues when looking to save more space.  These tables are great if you are looking to save additional money but still want the Vegas experience!

These tables all have metal folding legs.  For an additional $10 per table, we can custom fit skirting around it for our clients.  Please just ask us if you think you will need it, as it "does not" come with skirting and is an additional added feature.

For any referrals, please fill out the form below.  If you booked an event with us previously, and then referred someone else to our services.....(providing your referrals event goes through) you will receive a check from our company or up to 10% off your next event!!

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